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Can I throw apple cores and banana peels out of the automotive window?

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Legal guidelines throughout Australia are strict with regards to littering, with the cost being lead in most jurisdictions by environmental authorities. 

  • Something that could possibly be thought-about garbage might even see you fined for littering
  • Even biodegradable gadgets lobbed out of your ute may get you in bother
  • Fines may be huge, particularly for those who’re driving an organization automobile

Autos are a sizzling spot for littering. You’ll doubtless have seen somebody flick a lit cigarette out the window, and people are most noticeable whenever you’re driving in the dead of night.

However even throwing issues out your automotive window which might be biodegradable – like an apple core or banana peel – may nonetheless see you cop a tremendous. A police officer we spoke to advised {that a} driver who was seen throwing any type of garbage from their automotive would cop a ticket in the event that they have been caught within the act.

The very best recommendation is to maintain your garbage in your automotive till you get someplace that you would be able to put it in a bin. As a result of no-one needs their piece of fruit to value them just a few pineapples.

And it may even be the case that, if it’s your automotive however you weren’t driving it on the time, and somebody stories the automobile for littering, that you just, the proprietor, will nonetheless should pay the tremendous until you may show it was another person who dared to dodge the dustbin.

Right here’s a rundown of the foundations for littering throughout Australia:


Melbourne’s highway rule round litter could possibly be lined by Infringement 2134, in response to the 2020-21 Roads Charges and Penalties, which states a $207 tremendous could apply for the act of “Fail to take away factor dropped from automobile on highway or placed on highway”.

Nevertheless, the Environmental Safety Authority (EPA) in Victoria has its personal legal guidelines, the place by fines for a person may quantity to “$370 for a small merchandise of litter resembling a cigarette butt or meals packaging or $740 for a lit cigarette or different harmful litter”.

If you happen to dump something from a piece automobile or whereas appearing on behalf of an organization, the tremendous is $1849 for a small merchandise or $3698 for a lit cigarette or different harmful litter.

South Australia

Adelaide takes a reasonably hardline stance on this, too. The Metropolis of Adelaide’s residents’ hub states that “individuals discovered dumping garbage or items may be: issued with an on the spot tremendous between $210 and $1,000; taken to courtroom and fined most penalty from $5,000 to $120,000”.

Additional, the state’s Native Nuisance and Litter Management Act (2016) asserts “it’s the duty is on the proprietor of a automobile for an offence dedicated in affiliation with, or from, a automobile”, and that it’s “as much as the proprietor to declare and show that another person was chargeable for the offence”.


Brisbane’s legal guidelines round littering from autos (together with boats) follows the same logic to different states.

People and companies could also be fined $200 for “common littering”, resembling “throwing a cigarette butt from a automotive window into the gutter; or meals wrappers, bus tickets or meals gadgets left on the bottom; throwing a tender drink can, takeaway meals packaging or plastic bag from a automotive or boat; or gadgets falling off the again of a ute or trailer resulting from an uncovered load”. This might max out at $3000 if contested in courtroom.

In QLD, there’s additionally a much bigger tremendous for “harmful littering”, which is outlined as “any litter that may trigger hurt to people, wildlife and property”, resembling “damaged glass left in

a playground or a lit cigarette in dry grass”. A person could also be fined $400, whereas an organization may see that quadrupled. Take it to courtroom and the utmost penalty could possibly be $4000.

New South Wales

In Sydney, the EPA contains littering from autos beneath its scheduled laws, and the “most penalty for the overall littering offence is 20 penalty items ($2200)”.

Extra doubtless, nevertheless, is that there may be penalty notices issued, with Service NSW stating: “Fines from $250 for a person and $500 for an organization may be issued from witness stories”.

The state actively encourages residents to dob in dumpers, they usually can accomplish that by following these directives:

Get a photograph of the automotive, location and litter merchandise (you probably have one) along with particulars in regards to the littering, for instance:

  • The time you noticed it
  • The place you have been going
  • The place you have been, in relation to the offender’s automobile (for instance, in your automotive behind the automobile)
  • Who was with you and if in addition they noticed the littering
  • The climate circumstances on the time
  • The way you recorded the littering (for instance, in a pocket book or voice recording).

Australian Capital Territory

In Canberra there are two totally different interpretations of the litter rule: for a kid, the tremendous is $75, however adults who do the identical act could possibly be fined $186.


Hobart’s guidelines embody an offence referred to as “deposit single merchandise of litter in a public place”, which can appeal to a $181 tremendous. If you happen to see somebody littering from their automobile, you may report it by way of the Tasmania EPA.

Western Australia

Perth has just a few totally different litter penalties, with greater charges for firms (in brackets subsequent to the person fines, beneath):

  • Littering – cigarette butt (not a lit cigarette): $200 ($500)
  • Littering – common: $200 ($500)
  • Invoice Posting: $200 ($500)
  • Invoice posting on a automobile: $200 ($500)
  • Depositing home or industrial waste in a public receptacle: $200 ($500)
  • Transporting load inadequately secured: $200 (N/A)
  • Littering that creates a public danger – together with breaking glass, automotive elements, tyres, syringes or lit cigarettes: $500 ($2000)

Northern Territory

Darwin doesn’t seem to have a highway rule round littering from a automotive, however there’s a Litter Act (1972) that states that “an individual shall not go away, throw, deposit or abandon litter in, onto or from a public place or vacant Crown land elsewhere than into an authorised receptacle”. And in the event that they do, they might have the utmost penalty (15 items) imposed which works out to $2430.

Additional, nevertheless, if the matter made it to courtroom and “within the opinion of the courtroom” the litter in query was “liable to trigger harm to, or hazard to the well being of, an individual utilizing the general public place or vacant Crown land or injury to property, the courtroom could impose a most penalty of 25 penalty items for the offence”, which might imply a $4050 tremendous.

Not supposed as authorized recommendation. Test with the related roads authority in your state or territory.

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